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Lee Starshine, President & Certified WIX Webmaster

Lee Starshine made her first website in 1997. At the time, she was finishing her Master of Arts Degree in Professional Writing. Her undergrad is a BIS in Computers and Learning. Lee started running her own online marketing business full-time in 2008. The company offered email marketing from Constant Contact, blog content, and websites. It has been a Constant Contact Service Provider since 2007, and Certified since 2014. Lee became a certified WIX Webmaster in March 2017. Lee is helping small businesses succeed online with WIX and related apps. She lives in Wappingers Falls, NY.

Alex Hasapis, Web Developer

Alex Hasapis has been developing websites since 2015 and has one year of Wix experience. He has an extensive history in agency development around the New York City area and is excited to be part of the Web Marketing Star team. Alex has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Marist College that provides him with a unique toolset to help clients build web products that truly meet their needs. Alex specializes in Corvid, Wix’s proprietary JavaScript language that powers incredible customization of Wix sites without limits.

Hope Leffler, Graphic Designer

An ambitious young intern, Hope is a talented artist. She designs logos and web page layouts. Hope is a student.

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Our Awards, Certifications, and Affiliations


Certified WIX Webmaster - Lee Starshine
Hootsuite Certified Professional Social Marketing
Our Love of WIX

After years of developing on another platform, we became fatigued and disillusioned. Constant security upgrades, maintenance issues, and abandoned plug-ins were costly. 


Lee Starshine made a website for a non-profit in WIX in 2015 and never looked back. She became a Certified WIX Webmaster in March 2017. Impressed by WIX's reliability and optimization for all devices, we are helping small businesses succeed online with WIX and related apps.