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Make Your Website Copy Shine!

Exclusively for Wix Experts

As seen at Wix Con 2019
We Magically Make Your Clients' Website Text Shine!

Writing web copy is difficult.

The majority of text provided by clients needs a lot of work! Too sparse, too much, or poorly worded? A beautiful design does not compensate for low-quality web copy. And it doesn’t help your clients make money.

Better copy helps your clients make money. 

Save time by using the Web Marketing Star Magic Wand! Our wordsmiths make text shine. And, best of all, your client remains YOUR client. We simply wave our magic wand. In a matter of days, you will receive the completed text. We can even update the website for you.


Just fill in our form and pay the fee online. This is a hassle-free way to launch the site and move on to the next one.


This offer is exclusive to Wix experts. Up to 5 pages.