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Building An Opt-In Email vs. Buying a Lead List

What’s Best for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an integral part of your online marketing mix. It allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers and obtain new customers as well. Email marketing is also an effective marketing strategy in generating and in nurturing leads. When executed properly, your email marketing plans will give you returns that will help drive successful business results.

An important aspect of email marketing is the recipient of your communication pieces. It is common to buy a paper mail list, so it is logical to consider buying an email list. However, often these list will be people who never volunteered their email address, people who have not yet visited your website, and of people who just do not want to hear from you. Do you hear that spam alert?

Purchasing lists does not drive the returns that a good email marketing plan can. Emailing your purchased list will not help you generate sales—it will only give you increased spamming rate, higher bounce and unsubscribe rates, and more people blocking your emails.You surely do not want to drive people away, but you also do not want to spam them with your email content. The first step to a successful email marketing plan is to ensure that your recipient list is a good one—a list of people who can easily be converted into leads and customers. They should have awareness of your business or your industry, at least, and have shown interest in your company’s offerings.

Building your own email list cannot be done overnight, and it is not a click away. It will take you some time and it will need you to create a full online marketing campaign around it. Making your website a lead-generator will help you acquire the email addresses of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

TIPS: Here are some things you can do to build a good email list:

  • Provide valuable and relevant content on your blog or website. Interested individuals will then visit your blog to read about topics that are also relevant to them. By gathering this type of subscriber, you create a list of people who are easier to influence because they have already displayed interest by reading your website or blog’s content.

  • Convert your visitors into leads by creating offers. For example, you can invite them to download an eBook in return for their email address.Invest in paid marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising, social media and blog sponsorship.

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