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When to Hire a Blog Writer

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You’re busy, but you believe that writing a blog on your website would be a good thing. At some point, you might realize you need a blog writer to help. You know the reasons you have to write your blog posts on time:

  1. SEO. Search engines love blogs. Blogs help increase your site’s search engine rankings because each blog post gets indexed, and the site stays fresh. If you are trying to increase a site’s search engine rankings without adding a blog to the site, it’s going to be difficult because it’s too expensive to keep adding enough content.

  2. Fresh. Website visitors like something that is fresh and changing. It’s difficult to get someone to visit a website more than once, but if you can pull that off, you’d better have fresh content each time they visit.

  3. Social Media Ready. Most blogs are social media-ready, so whatever you write on your blog can be automatically propagated to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  4. RSS Feed Broadcasts. Blogs automatically generate an “RSS feed” which means people – and devices – can subscribe to your blog posts. So your posts can go to an email address, a RSS feeder, another website, etc. RSS also helps you to make email broadcasts to opt-in lists quickly – for example, Constant Contact has a button that pulls articles from your RSS feed into an email newsletter in a jiffy. No pasting, no reformatting!

  5. Content Generator. Think of your blog as a content generator. Write interesting blog posts based on your keywords, and the content goes to your social media, your newsletters, etc. Blog posts make great landing pages from an email, too. Generate content and set up your to handle most of the distribution.

Writing blog posts, though, can be painful. This guide will help you decide whether you need a blog writer now:

  1. Track your time while you write and post 2 blog entries. How long did each post take, on average? How much time do you have available to write your own blog posts? Subtract the average amount of time a blog post takes from the time you have available. If you get a negative number, you need a blog writer.

  2. Rate your writing on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (professional and perfect). If your get a number less than 8, you need a blog writer or you might be able to squeak by with a professional editor who knows SEO and blog writing.

  3. Are you in a technical field? Do you have confidence that you could teach a professional blog writer to write the posts, and then just approve each post before it goes up? If yes, you can use a blog writer.

A real sign that you need a blog writer is when the frequency of your blog posts tapers off. You don’t meet your monthly blog post quota. You get too busy or can’t think of ideas. If this happens, it’s time to hire a blog post writer.


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