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Posted on March 13th, 2012

coupon constant contactHave you ever heard of Groupon? It’s one of several services that allow consumers to sign up for discounted products and services. Consumers receive emails with a special offer, such as “Pay $7 for $15 to spend at a restaurant” or “Pay $50 for a $100 massage plus free lotion.” It’s a great way to bring in new customers, and it’s not just for local brick-and-mortar companies – online businesses can do this, too!

Constant Contact will be rolling out “SaveLocal,” a version of the deal model that is aimed at your own newsletter subscribers and their friends. Read the case study below to learn more. Click to read the entire case study. If you don’t have Constant Contact yet, click to sign up for a free trial.

We can get you started with SaveLocal, so let us know if you need help!

Lee Leffler
Web Marketing Star

Stop the Presses! A Local Deal that Builds Relationships AND Earns Revenue?

Kirk Jamison had heard the horror stories.

Other businesses in the Boulder, Colo., area had already run online deals. “It seemed like they all just got deal-seekers,” he says. “Not one person I spoke with had a positive experience with online deal providers. The more a merchant’s product becomes a commodity, it seems the more they can get taken advantage of.”

That kind of business model didn’t appeal to Kirk.

When he and his wife, Tricia, founded KT’s BBQ in 1992, the frequent guests at the restaurant became the couple’s customers as well as their close friends. Kirk and Tricia often sit down and . . [read more]

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