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Could Pinterest be Good for Your Business?

  • By Lee Starshine
  • 21 Mar, 2012
Pinterest’s name is a hybrid of the words “pin” (pinboard) and “interest.” Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can organize information visually and post pictures.

Consumers can organize and share all the beautiful things they find on the web. People use pinboards to decorate their homes, plan their weddings, and organize their favorite recipes. People can browse pinboards created by other people who have interests in common, to discover, explore and become inspired.

For creative businesses like artists, retailers, and designers, the business value of Pinterest is obvious: show off your products and styles to get attention.

But what about service providers, business-to-business and online companies? Read this blog post on the Constant Contact blog to find out whether Pinterest can help your business .

Web Marketing Star Blog

By Lee Starshine 06 Jul, 2016
James Wylder is a prolific author of plays, fiction and short stories. In just 3 years, he has published 6 books. This interview answers the question, "What is your process?"

Lee Starshine at Web Marketing Star conducted this interview at a science fiction convention, InConJunction, on July 3, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

By Lee Starshine 14 Apr, 2016
Web Marketing Star, a local website development company that helps organizations succeed online, has been named a 2015 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact®, Inc ., the trusted marketing adviser to hundreds of thousands of small organizations worldwide. The annual award recognizes the most successful 10% of Constant Contact’s customer base, based on their significant achievements leveraging online marketing tools to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization.

Web Marketing Star’s clients are small businesses and non-profits that want to increase sales and donations by improving their online presence. The company offers responsive websites, content, social media and email marketing. The owner, Lee Starshine, has a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing, and has been creating websites for 20 years.

The award was given for the company's work for Partnership for WellBEING, a wellness program by David Sands in Fairfield, Iowa. They created the website www.partnershipforwellbeing.com , set up event registration, sent surveys, established autoresponder emails, and sent regular emails to an opt-in list. The emails had a high open rate and click-through rate, and helped build Sands' client base.

"It make us so happy to work with David Sands and see his sales increase," said Starshine. "Using proven, ethical techniques, we are keeping the clients coming in his door. Each step builds on the last. Engaging with customers is so important for the year ahead, especially since he started offering pay-per-attendee Group Clearing® webinars."

Small businesses and nonprofits using Constant Contact’s online marketing tools are eligible for this award. Criteria used to select this year’s All Stars included the following:

  • Level of engagement with email campaigns
  • Open, bounce, and click-through rates
  • Use of social sharing features
  • Use of mailing list sign-up tools
  • Use of reporting tools
“At Constant Contact, we aim to help small businesses become marketers so they can do even more business. Our All Stars are leading the way, showing us the difference online marketing can make for a small business. It’s truly inspiring,” said John Orlando, chief marketing officer at Constant Contact. “We’re thrilled to recognize Web Marketing Star for their commendable achievements in 2015 with this All Star Award.”

About Web Marketing Star LLC
Since 2007, the company's founder has been helping non-profits and small businesses improve their bottom line through effective online marketing. Located in Wappingers Falls, Web Marketing Star is committed to ethical online marketing techniques, including email marketing, responsive websites, content creation, social media, and other engagement tools.

About Constant Contact®, Inc.
Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company and a leader in email marketing since 1995, provides hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world with the online marketing tools, resources, and personalized coaching they need to grow their business.

Constant Contact and the Constant Contact Logo are registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All Constant Contact product names and other brand names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.
By Lee Starshine 24 Jan, 2015
With the growth of mobile devices, it’s time to tweak your subject line for emails that you send to your opt-in list. You spend a lot of time polishing a well-worded, mobile-friendly email with great images and a clear call to action. Don’t damage your open rate by muffing the subject line for your mobile subscribers.

Up to 43% emails are opened on a mobile device.* Your subscribers make a quick decision about whether to open the email based primarily on:

  • who it’s from
  • the subject line
  • the usefulness of emails you have sent in the past
  • Having a good subject line can really boost your open rate. It’s like a first impression, so make it count! Check out these takeaways to write a mobile-friendly email subject line.
Takeaway #1: Shorter is Better
mobile email subject examplesKeep is Short! A mobile screen is small, so your email needs to get to its point right near the top. Most mobile grazing is done on-the-go, so the subscriber’s behavior is different. As soon as they have to go to any effort to read the entire subject line, they are likely to lose interest. So keep your subject line short. It varies, but the first 30 characters are most likely to be visible. If your subject is longer than that, it can make people a little uneasy about the time and energy commitment they might have to make to grok the message. Short.

Takeaway #2: Get Their Attention
People scanning their emails have the attention span of a gnat. They make quick decisions about whether to open and read each email. You have around two seconds to get their attention. Focus on the first two words of the subject line — they are absolutely the most important. And make sure you inform them, briefly, why your email matters right now.

Takeaway #3: If it’s Urgent, Say So
If you make everything an emergency, your readers will see you as “crying wolf.” Don’t make it urgent all the time. But when you really have a time-limited offer or event, say it. “Just 12 tickets left for Wellness Seminar.” This inspires action for those adrenaline-pumped mobile users. Just don’t overuse this.

Takeaway #4: Avoid Spam Triggers
You might be able to get away with a slightly spammy word or phrase in the subject line, such as “free”, “weight loss” or “call now.” Click for a more complete list. But don’t use more spam trigger words in the body of the email. Most email marketing systems such as Constant Contact have a single button that predicts the likelihood of your email getting filtered as spam.

Takeaway #5: Can You Tease Them?
Get them curious by asking a question in the subject line. The reader will want to open the email to find out the answer.

Want to get a free trial of Constant Contact, the leader in email marketing? Just click this link to get started .

*Litmus, March 2013

Source: Constant Contact blogs
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